Strengthen In Sixty is For You if:

You are ready to strengthen each pillar of health (in eight weeks) towards becoming the best version OF you and FOR you:









  • You are doing all the "things", but still can’t lose that belly fat
  • You are ready to build trust within yourself and better understand how past wounds/trauma around your body/food may be affecting your health journey
  • You are having trouble sleeping, waking up feeling energized or crave sweets/need caffeine to get through the day
  • You are looking for help, guidance and answers to questions or a specific way of living that you are unsure about

You will walk away feeling/knowing:

  • How to personalize and strengthen each pillar of health for YOU and YOUR lifestyle
  • How to improve this horrible thing called “adrenal fatigue”
  • How to read food labels & meal prep, and build a healthy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle personalized for you
  • How to adapt to your everyday stressors
  • Introduced to (mini sessions of) breath work, reiki, yoga, card readings, chiropractic, mind-body therapy, clean wine and other integrative practices
  • How more than just food/diet may be affecting your ability to lose weight weight
  • Calmer and more confident in your body and in navigating the food world



STRENGTHEN IN SIXTY 2.0 is now available! Besides my 1:1 4-month Bliss Nutrition Consulting Membership, this is the only other place you are able to access a DUTCH test with analysis through me :)

If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link to sign up for SIS 2.0!

Is the DUTCH test for me?

Chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue/low energy

Painful periods, PCOS, irregular periods, tender breast

Moodiness, irritability, aggression/anger, fear

Joint pain, inflammation

Trouble sleeping or difficulty falling asleep

Constipation, sluggish bowels

Trouble conceiving

Midsection weight gain

Low sex drive or loss of libido


Preventative care/baseline analysis 

SIS 2.0 is great for individuals who:

  • Maybe have some extra weight they are unable to lose
  • Feel they are doing all the “right” things but still don’t feel healthy or are actually gaining weight
  • Have been under chronic stress, have poor sleep patterns &/or constipation
  • Have been experiencing more moodiness, agitation, PMS symptoms, anger or fear
  • Have depression and/or anxiety
  • Aren’t sure how to navigate the wellness space and don’t know who or what to believe
  • Want guidance, action steps and accountability towards moving forward in their health journey  

I help amazing individuals like yourself break free of the diet mindset and learn how to manage stress and balance blood sugar. These basics are the foundation towards building a healthy and joyous lifestyle, and helping manage weight through hormone balance and improved gut health

Hi, I’m Jordan, a Certified Functional

Registered Dietitian

I have a passion for content creation and program development to help improve the mentality around nutrition and diet culture. Wellness begins in the brain and being able to understand how to trust your mind and your choices around food is the key to health.

I enjoy working 1:1 with clients to help empower them to feel comfortable around food by removing the diet culture mentality and improving stress management and inflammation, the root of most diseases.

I have five years of clinical experience under my belt while also having completed a 13-month Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Mentorship Certification. I enjoy pairing evidence-based research and functional testing (as needed) with supportive interventions to help individuals improve their health. I pride myself on my positive outlook and passion for emotional and physical healing.